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    Issue with flipping of strings in jsff page

      We are facing the following issue with strings of type A:B in Arabic language.

      In the UI, all A:B strings are supposed to be shown as B:A in Arabic, where A is a TOKEN value and B is a TRANSLATABLE STRING. But this is not happening in the UI.
      So a String that is shown as ORG4-V1:Segment Values in English,we expect it to be shown as Segment Values : ORG4-V1 in Arabic, but it is displayed as ORG4-V1:Segment Values in Arabic also.

      Following expression is used for displaying the string :
      <af:showDetailHeader text="#{bindings.ValStructureCode}#{(bindings.ValStructureCode.inputValue==null) ? null:':'{CstCoreSetupGenBundle['Header.CostingAttributes']}"

      This is shown as ASSET Default: Costing Attributes in the UI while it should be Costing Attributes : Asset Default (Here 'Asset Default' is the ValStructureCode)

      For further details please refer to bug#11934853
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          So you post in Java programming in stead of the JSF forums, you mention JSF yet you post a piece of unformatted code which actually has an Oracle ADF tag in stead of a true JSF tag and you already posted a bug report somewhere without mentioning where exactly.
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            I apologize for the above and the thread has been posted here as I was unable to access the correct category due to some technical issues with Oracle forums. Also, the mentioned issue is in critical state and has a deadline so thought of posting to get it resolved as soon as possible. Specific categorization will be surely taken care in future.
            Moving the thread to below location:


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