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    Job scheduling in OEDQ


      I am new to EDQ and want to understand how we can schedule jobs in EDQ. There is an application called Server console in Launchpad, where we can run jobs and also there is an option to schedule it. But it is not working. Could anyone of you please help me out on this?

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          Got to the Director--> select the Job and Right click you will see option called Schedule, Using this u can schedule the job and for viewing the current job go to the Server console, In current tasks you can see the tasks.

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            I would recommend reading the Jobs guide in the online help.

            Jobs can be run or scheduled manually in either Director, or in Server Console. Server Console is largely designed for production runs, so while playing around just use Director. Server Console has the following differences:

            - It is possible to use a Run Label for the run of the job, used to store results against
            - It is possible to specify a Run Profile, with specified settings for any exposed configuration options
            - Only those results that you choose to write out in the job will be written (no other interim metrics).

            Jobs can also be invoked externally using the Command Line Interface.