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    Graph Data Labels in OBIEE 11g - Customizing

      Hi folks!

      Would somebody know how to select what is shown in graph data labels in OBIEE 11g?

      For example in a scatter graph data label I'd like to show the Group only (not the combination of Series, Group, X and Y, as by default). For a pie chart one can select the data shown in data labels to some extent (name / value), however couldn't find this option for scatter graph.

      After searching I could only find instructions for 10g - such as John's instructions at http://obiee101.blogspot.com.es/2008/01/obiee-xy-and-data-in-mouse-over-label.html.
      However, my understanding is that the graph engine in OBIEE 11g is now different, and the 10g instructions are not valid for 11g anymore.

      I was also having a look on the .cxml files in OBIEE 11g but those seem to relate to colors only?

      Any help appreciated, best regards,