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    Missing migration options in SQL Developer

      I am using Oracle for the first time and so I downloaded Oracle Developer Days VM running in Virtual box. I need to migrate an SQL Server d/b into Oracle and so I started to use the SQL Developer application.

      The VM contains the following:

      Oracle Linux 5
      Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition
      Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Cache
      Oracle XML DB
      Oracle SQL Developer
      Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler
      Oracle Application Express 4.1
      Oracle JDeveloper

      I have downloaded and installed the SQL server java connector and I can connect to my SQL Server database, I can also create connections to the Oracle d/b.

      But, I cannot find the database migration menu options when using Oracle SQL Developer, the migration menu options do no appear on the Tools menu or when right clicking a database connction.

      Can anyone explain why the migration menu option is missing or how I could test the migration some other way ?