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    Sales Customer Notes

      Dear fellows;

      I need your kind recommendations.

      We use JDE World version in AS400 environment.

      Normally in my previous company , I was able to enter sales customer notes (message in text) to the specific customers, so that our users who raise the sales order were becoming able to view the poping up this note and were acting according to this.

      For example; some new legal regulation shall be applied to the customer. Then you write the specific (user defined) notes/message from :

      Distribution Menu.....Enter Sales Customer Notes (J550116) and the sales ordering guy who raises the sales order would see this message in the screen in the header part of the order, and then he/she will take the required action according to that while going ahead with the order.

      In my prior company , this option was available under the Distribution menu. But , now in my current company we do not have it in JDE. As the job number is J550116 , might it be inactive in JDE or shall be added?

      Please kindly help me how can I use this utility?
      Many thanks and regards,