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    AQ adapter picking up messages twice

    Jeroen van Veldhuizen
      Hi all,

      We have a BPEL 10g process, that is initiated by the AQ adapter. Messages are posted to AQ, and BPEL picks them up.

      Sometimes, messages are picked up twice, and two handling BPEL instances are started. This should not happen, because then we get all kind of double data.

      Why does this happen, and how can I fix this?

      Some system properties:
      - BPEL on Weblogic 10.3.2
      - AQ adapter using a XA datasource to the database
      - 10g oracle database
      - engine pool: 15 threads, invoke pool: 30 threads, system pool: 2 threads

      Kind regards,
      Jeroen van Veldhuizen
      REDORA B.V.