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    Oracle InterConnect 10g

      Can you install Oracle AS Interconnect 9.0.4 with a 9iAS Rel 2 (9.0.2) Infrastructure?

      I noticed an issue listed in the 10g certification matrix : "383392 - Oracle AS InterConnect is only certified with metadata repository"...does this refer to the product metadata in the infrastructure database or the metadata repository in the Hub database?

      Can someone please clarify this? Thanks in advance!

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          Certification means repository HUB database.
          You can install Interconnect 9.0.4 HUB repository to DB release lower than but, You lose functionality of OEM and Workflow.
          I installed Infrastructure from 9.0.4 AS - its shiped with ORACLE DB 9i r1 and to this DB I installed HUB repository and it works, but I don't use OEM for managing Interconnect and Workflow.

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            Hi Libor,

            Thanks for your response. You mention that your infrastructure was 9.0.4 - have you tried interconnect 9.0.4 with Infrastructure 9.0.2?

            My environment is a 9iAS Release 2 platform and I want to upgrade just the InterConnect piece to 9.0.4. I would like to know if anyone has done this and if it works.

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              You are right, i used 9.0.4 infrastructure for Interconnect 9.0.4.
              But You can not install 9.0.4 to infrastructure DB, you must installed it to DB.
              I think, you need infrastructure only for OEM and Workflow functionality.
              If you don't use workflow and OEM you can upgrade to 9.0.4 interconnect and install its repository to special instance

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                Have you ever installed Oracle Interconnect Hub10g?On what database version?I have tried to install Interconnect Hub 10g on DB and get a bug with postinstallation script hubschema.bat-calling dbms_aqadm.create_queue_table and get error. Entry from alert.log- Errors in file /app/oracle/product/9.2.0/rdbms/log/demo_ora_3231.trc: ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [0000000000000000] [SIGSEGV] [Invalid permissions for mapped object] [0x000000000] [] []. What configuration in your working environment(if its no a secret)?
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                  Problem solved by running /rdbms/admin/catpatch.sql.