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Problem with weblogic-application.xml generated by jwsc task

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My project is upgrading from WL 10.3.2 to WL 12.1.1. The jwsc ant tasks are failing because of an attribute that is added to weblogic-application.xml. This didn't happen with 10.3.

Our project contains EJBs, a web app, and web services. Our build.xml generates the web service artifacts using jwsc. The first jwsc task modifies our original weblogic-application.xml by adding an xsi:type attribute to the prefer-application-packages element:

<weblogic-application xmlns=""
<prefer-application-packages xsi:type="prefer-application-packagesType"> <!--***** jwsc added xsi:type ******-->

Aside from the xsi:type attribute, this file is the same as the original.

However, when the second jwsc task runs, it throws a validation error: The existing descriptor at C:\...\build\META-INF\weblogic-application.xml is corrupted.
C:\lsm\incubator-weblogic12c-upgrade-jsf12\ear\<unknown>:33:2: problem: failed to load java type corresponding
to t=prefer-application-packagesType:<<unknown>>

Initially I thought it was a namespace problem. I noticed that the 1.4 version of weblogic-application.xsd does not define prefer-application-packagesType itself; instead, it includes weblogic-javaee.xsd, which defines prefer-application-packagesType. But weblogic-javaee.xsd does not have a targetNamespace, so types it defines should be coerced into the target namespace of the including schema.

If I omit the schemaLocation attribute from my original weblogic-application.xml, jwsc adds it when it modifies the file.

If I delete the xsi:type attribute after each jwsc task except the final one, the app builds and deploys successfully.

What changed in jwsc between 10.3 and 12.1? I can't find anything in the WebLogic docs about this.



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