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    jrmc plugin installation

      I'm using JRockit Mission Control (4.0) with the following version (Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_29-b11) Oracle JRockit(R) (build R28.2.0-79-146777-1.6.0_29-20111005-1807-linux-ia32). I used to be able to install the plugins but now I am unable to since I get an error 403 when trying to contact the site.

      I have tried this at work (corporate LAN) with proxy settings because without setting the proxy, I can't even connect to the site in question. I have also tried this at home (jrockit R28.2.3 with JRMC 4.1 on Windows 32bit) so I don't need a proxy but I get the message that I have network connection problems (Unable to access http://jrpgftp.se.oracle.com/jrmc/updatesites/4.1.0/rcp" Error parsing site stream [Premature end of file]

      Any suggestions?