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    Managing Hyperion Planning Hierarchies Using ERPI

      Hi ,
      I am using ERPI to update metadata in my Hyperion Planning Application. I am able to extract the hierarchies from Oracle EBS R12 and load it into my EPMA Planning Application. The dimensions are updated in the Application in the Dimension Library.
      Here is my question

      Is there a way in ERPI to handle hierarchies in a way that we put the hierarchies that are defined in EBS under a Pre-Defined Parent in Planning?

      For Example , if a planning hierarchy has a member call BalanceSheet and I want to put all the Balance sheet accounts from EBS under this member then how do I go about it. The EBS hierarchy doesnt have a parent member called balance sheet , it has all the hierarchies for Balance sheet accounts and P & L accounts under one parent say Total Accounts. How can this be defined in the meta - data rule?

      I am on version