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    Network Errors in Ulog

      I'm getting the below network errors in the Ulog:
      WSL.16010: WSNAT_CAT:1283: ERROR: Network error (2) servicing network event
      and the Tuxedo version is "BEA Tuxedo, Version 8.0, 32-bit, Patch Level 331".

      Right now there is no impact to the application but would like to know what is the reason for this error and fix for it.

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          Bob Finan-Oracle
          One line of ulog is never a good way to determine what is wrong and what is needed to fix it.
          Having given that disclaimer, here is a synopsis of things mentioned in a doc about getting these continuously:
          Continous Network Errors In The Environment (Doc ID 1277067.1)

          The error number 2 means an operating system error occurred during one of the network system calls.
          The general reasons for this error could be:
          a) Failure to malloc (check the available memory).
          b) Failure to accept new connections.(This could be due to limitations in number of file descriptors on the system. May need to bump up the value on OS)
          c) Connection being timed out from the other end.(check for high CPU consumption by one of the local processes)
          d) other OS network issues affecting the connection

          Hope this helps,