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    Printing address labels


      I'm trying to print labels on continuous paper. So I defined the paper size and ImageableArea to the size of my labels, treating each label as a complete page, which is printed by printerJob.print(). So far so good, but after each label (each print()) a form feed is output, moving the paper ahead for the remaining A4 length.
      Is there a way to suppress this form feed? If not, how would you proceed?
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          I would define the page size as the page size, i.e. the width of the paper and a length long enough to accommodate all the labels.
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            Thanks for your response, EJP.
            ... a length long enough to accommodate all the labels.
            With fanfold paper that will amount to several meters/yards. A quite unusual paper size, but I will give it a try.
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              After placing now all the labels on one single long page and protocolling the output in the Printable.print(...) method, all looks fine. Nevertheless the printer stops printing after about 30 cm without any error message.

              Also, after loading the label paper, generally the paper posiiton needs to be adjusted, so that the addresses are printed with nice top and bottom margins. To achieve this, I put the first address in a loop which is quit when the user acknowledges that everything is ok.
              In my first approach of setting the page height to the label height this is no problem. But when the print job immediately comprises all the labels, this is not possible any more. So suppressing the form feed at the end of a page would still be my favourite, but seems to be impossible.