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    Windows 7 template error


      I am facing the following error when I tried to import the Windows7 32 bit template under VDI 3.2.1 whereas I have successully built the WIn XP and Win Vista dekstop under the user pool but this windows 7 gives me real pain.

      Error Importing: Timeout waiting for import to complete on host

      Can someone please guide me to fix this at the earliest.

      Thanks in advance.
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          There is a hard coded 60 minute timeout for imports that you are most likely running into. My guess is that your transfer rates to the storage server are VERY slow, and that your Win7 template is larger than your XP/Vista template. You should probably look at the throughput you are getting across your network to the storage server from the template source location.

          I'm assuming this is a VirtualBox template import? If so, have you tried importing your template from both a NFS (or local) VDI server location as well has importing using the Hypervisor tab to import directly from a registered VM on the Vbox server?
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            Thanks for the supportive response .. yup I tried those but no luck.....

            Now I am facing a NEW problem ...

            While doing the R&D I tried to changed the template location from /.VirtualBox/Machines to /var/tmp and since then when I click the import template tab it immediately kicks me out with the following error:

            "Internal Error Occurred: You have been logged out because a consistent response could not be guaranteed"

            And now I am trying to revert back to template location and in this case I need your usual support in this regard.