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    Back to Solaris HA basics

      Hi Everybody,

      Calling all Solaris cluster gurus.

      Please excuse the basic question in this post, I am new to Solaris clustering and even worse am a windows guy!

      I am researching high availability options for the Solaris Operating System and have been reading varying walk troughs and of course the Oracle / Solaris clustering documentation.

      Now the thing that is unclear to me is the Quorum Server, is it mandatory to have a third server performing this role or can each node of the cluster act as the quorum server similar to Microsoft Failover Cluster Services?

      Like I say please excuse this as I know it's back to basics but I am learning here, BTW does anyone have any recommended reading material or walk throughs to help a Soaric Cluster newbie?

      Many Thanks

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          A Solaris Cluster system generally needs a quorum device to stablise cluster membership when failures occur. The quorum device can be a quorum disk (one of the shared disks) or a quorum server. Most clusters use a quorum disk. This is simply one of the shared disks, but that doesn't stop that disk being used for data as well.

          For more details, see:


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            Many thanks,

            This is the same approach a Microsoft, I was confused by a couple of articles that only mentioned Quorum Servers and didn't mention disks at all.



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