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    Install Solaris 10 8/11 on Dell T7400?


      How can I install Solaris 10 8/11 on a Dell Precision T7400? The bootable DVD iso I downloaded seems to get stuck in a reboot loop prior to even starting the install process.

      I found an old thread (for a previous Solaris 10 release ) that suggested to:

      -Add in grub-kernelline: -B disable-intel_nb5000=true -kd
      -Type in kmdb:
      ::bp pcie_pci`_init

      pepb_intel_workaround_disable/W 1

      However this no longer seems to work. The breakpoint is not hit, and the installer dies with the message "ERROR: Unable to configure network interfaces. Exiting to shell."

      Is there any way to install a fresh copy of Solaris 10 on a Dell T7400?

      Thank you

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