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    JE 5.0.55 and 4.1.21 available, critical fix for Database renaming


      I'd like to point out the critical bug fix that has to do with database renaming. This is fixed in JE 5.0.55 and JE 4.1.21. See below.


      Berkeley DB Java Edition 5.0.55

      http://www.oracle.com/us/products/database/berkeley-db/index.html (BDB product page)
      http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/berkeleydb/overview/index.html (BDB overview)
      http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/berkeleydb/overview/index-093405.html (BDB JE overview)

      Berkeley DB Java Edition 5.0.55 is a patch release consisting of fixes for a number of issues. We strongly recommend that users of the 5.0.x version upgrade to this release. These fixes include:

      [#21537] Fixed a critical bug that causes a database to be entirely deleted after a crash (or abnormal shutdown, i.e., when not calling Environment.close). The bug occurs when the database is renamed just prior to the crash (or abnormal shutdown). This bug was introduced in JE 5.0.48.
      [#21492] Fixed an inefficiency in the Checkpointer which manifests itself as a large amount of time being spent in com.sleepycat.je.recovery.DirtyINMap.removeNextNode() calling java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.remove() calling java.util.HashMap.removeEntryForKey().
      [#21106] An enhancement has been made to DbVerify to show a histogram of BIN counts by utilization percentage.This is a sample of the output:
          Verifying database p10
          Checking tree for p10
          BTree: Composition of btree, types and counts of nodes.
                  binEntriesHistogram=[40-49%: 3,093; 50-59%: 10; 60-69%: 22; 70-79%: 26;
          80-89%: 21; 90-99%: 35]
                  binsByLevel=[level 1: count=3,207]
                  insByLevel=[level 2: count=48; level 3: count=1]
      Find the complete list of changes in the change log.


      Read the detailed product documentation included in the download package or on the web.


      Download the source code.


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      Berkeley DB Java Edition

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      Thank you for your support of Berkeley DB Java Edition.