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    JDBC connection Pool issue  in web-logic 10.3

      Hello All,

      In my project where we use Web-logic 10.3 . Last week we had some severe issue like disk usage of the server consumed 100%

      then After making some free space we are continuously facing the JDBC-Connection-pool issue.

      Thee is a connection pool called xyz with Max-capacity =85.

      At a certain time frame (lets say after 5-8 hours) the application goes down with error message :

      "cannot allocate more connection.connect pool is at maximum increase max pool size "

      After restarting the wls-servers the application started running as usual.(due to fresh connection established ) ,But just restarting every time is not a good idea (But we are doing till the permanent solution comes).

      During monitoring of WLS-console I can at least predict for the coming Pool issue.

      The main question is :

      When I check in wls-console for Data Source the option "Connection Total Count" and "Active Connection High count " keep increasing and at one time

      The value of "Active Connection High count " reached to maxPoolSize i.e. 85 and server status becomes "Overloaded".

      Could anybody tell me for which reason "Active Connection High count " keeps increasing ..


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          There are a number of potential reasons for the error.

          1) Do you have a lot of long running SQL statements that perhaps need optimisation?

          To look at this, you'd need to turn on the JDBC debugging, to show the sql statements.

          DebugJDBCSQL (scope weblogic.jdbc.sql) - prints information about all JDBC methods invoked, including their arguments and return values, and thrown exceptions.

          2) Is the Database overloaded and slow in processing the requests?

          I'd speak to your DBA about this.

          3) Is weblogic perhaps overloaded - have you taken thread dumps or look at CPU/memory allocations?

          4) Have you a leak in the code, that is not returning the connections to the pool?

          would be useful here.