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    Content presenter: datasource based on CMIS query with URL parameters

      Hi all,

      I am trying to create a page containing a content presenter taskflow that is based on a CMIS query containing URL parameters. In my component properties I define the following query for my datasource:

      +SELECT * FROM ora:t:IDC:GlobalProfile WHERE ora:p:xqblIntranetSubGroep='${param.qblSubGroep}'+

      I have a URL parameter qblSubGroep containing the value "Nieuws".

      Somehow my page does not show any content. It looks like the parameter value is not passed to the data source query. When I change my query to

      SELECT * FROM ora:t:IDC:GlobalProfile WHERE ora:p:xqblIntranetSubGroep='Nieuws'

      so, I hardcode the value of my URL parameter in my query, the expected content items are shown.

      Also, I have another page containing a content presenter taskflow for a single item, based on the data source:


      In this case, URL parameter values for dDocName are passed correctly and content presenter is showing the document with dDocName as entered in the URL.

      Does anybody have any idea on how to solve this probem?