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    -2147418105 - Automation error when importing FDM application via XML file

      We have created an FDM application in our development environment, and are now trying to migrate the application to the UAT environment. We exported everything to an XML file (including mappings) and have been trying to import this in the UAT environment with the following error:

      "MetaData Manager
      -2147418105 - Automation error
      The callee (server [not server application]) is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid. The call may have executed."

      Incidentally, this error continues to occur when clicking on the adapter and selecting configure, until one closes FDM Workbench altogether and logs back in.

      The server/user names and passwords are different, but this is about it. The above error occurred after we did the following in UAT:
      1. Created oracle schema for FDM database
      2. Created a new FDM application using Workbench
      3. Imported the Essbase adapter
      4. Set up a machine profile
      5. Configured the FDM application in Workbench with the correct settings for UAT
      6. Tried to import the application (XML file exported from DEV) whilst un-checking only "Integration Adapters" (General tab) and "Save existing machine profiles" (Options tab)

      The result from all this is that most things (such as scripts etc) have been imported OK, but the Locations, Mappings, Control Tables, and application settings (i..e. Batch Loader) have not. Are we doing things in the wrong order here? If so, what would be the correct order? We suspected that the application should be set up and configured first, and that the remaining parts could then be imported. Please advise!