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    Updating items with Import Items concurrent process

      We are an Oracle Financials 11i and Oracle 10g database site. Due to a bug in a data fix the item descriptions in the items master (ITM organization) do not always tie-out to the item description in our two inventory organizations INV and DEV. I used the script belwo plus Import Items to update the item descriptions.

      I created a list of candidate items by modifying the sql below and then selecting the four items numbers listed in the selection criteria. The updates were loading it into the Oracle base table Mtl_System_Items_Interface, and I ran the Import Items concurrent process. I accepted all but one of the defaults on the Import Items paramters dialog. For 'Create or Update Items' I selected 2 - Update Existing Items.

      Insert Into Mtl_System_Items_Interface (process_flag, set_process_id, segment1, description, organization_code, transaction_type)
      (Select 1, 2012061201, Msi.Segment1, Msi.Description, Mp.Organization_Code,'Update',msi.creation_date
      From Mtl_System_Items_B Msi, Mtl_Parameters Mp
      Where Msi.Organization_Id = Mp.Master_Organization_Id
      And Exists (Select 1 From Mtl_System_Items_B Msi2
      Where Msi2.Organization_Id = Mp.Organization_Id
      And Msi2.Inventory_Item_Id = Msi.Inventory_Item_Id
      And Msi2.Description != Msi.Description)
      And Msi.Segment1 In ('0108985202','0109996615','0108963797','0108963804'))

      This sql plus the Import Items concurrent process work as far as updating Inventory descriptions in our organizations. We need to move the updated descriptions to iProcurement but when I run the catalog extract from the Purchasing module none of these changes are transferred.

      How do I move item description changes made in the inventory modules with the Import Items concurrent process to iProcurement?

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