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    API to update PO_LINE_LOCATIONS table

      Does anyone know any public/private API to update po_line_locations table.
      We have the following requirement.
      -We are planning to implement iSupplier portal for Consignment Suppliers.Since we don't have VMI enabled, We need to create Purchase Orders before suppliers could create ASN.
      So, we automated this process by importing Purchase Orders through Open Interface(PDOI).
      Oracle has a known BUG with Open Interface that it does not allow importing Consignment PO's.Therefore,We need to update po_line_locations.is_consigned_flag ='Y' after PO is created.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          I recommend performing following setups and then try importing the standard PO.

          1. Create a blanket purchase agreement mentioning the respective supplier, site, item and price.
          2. Create a sourcing rule for the supplier and site used in the BPA.
          3. Note the assignment set value from the profile option of "MRP: Default Sourcing Assignment Set".
          4. Assign the sourcing rule created in step-2 to the assignment set noted in step-3 as "Item-Organization" assignment.
          5. Setup Approved Supplier List (ASL) for the item and map supplier and site mentioned in the BPA.
          6. Go to ASL attributes and map the BPA number in the "Source Documents" tab.
          7. Next, go to "Inventory" tab of the same form and check the "Consigned from Supplier" checkbox.

          Now you try importing the standard PO for the item, supplier and site involved in the above setups.

          It should get the CONSIGNED_FLAG checked in the line_locations table, as the standard PO created through front end does the same.

          Let me know how you go.


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            Thanks PS for the reply . We already have this setup ,What we are doing is ,We are trying to import PO through Open Interface Program. As per note 758976.1 - It is not possible to import PO with consigned_flag ='Y', So, I was trying to update this flag programatically with an API.

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              In that case, apply datafix in the line_locations table to update the consigned_flag, as this may not have any referential integrity.


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                True, That's exactly what i wanted to do. Since we are violating oracle policy of 'Not touching the base tables' , Was checking for any API.
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                  Yes, Updating the base tables are not supported.
                  There are few more reference columns that you need to make sure, the po will be closed for invoicing by default.
                  The destination type is always set to Inventory.
                  Invoice Close Tolerance is 100 percent.
                  Match Approval Level value is 2 Way Matching.
                  Accrue on Receipt cannot be enabled.

                  Make sure all these conditions are satisfied.