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    ODBC Driver connect screen - service name default

      Hi all,

      I am just trying to figure out where the oracle odbc driver connect screen gets its default service name from. Seems to be stored the first time you use the DNS and doesn't change when you change databases. I'd like to be able to change the default so when I give it to my client, they dont have to change it all the time. Only one time should be necessary.

      I'm using Access 2010 and Oracle odbc 10g. Everything is working ok, I had a DNS setup to a database; call it DB1. Then next time I opened my app, the driver connect screen came up with DB1 defaulted, so I changed to DB2 (for our test environment) and it works fine. However, when I go back in, it still wants to default to DB1. I was under the impression that just changing the service name in the DNS configuration would change the default, but it doesn't and I cant find where its stored; even looked in the registry.

      Can someone tell me where it is getting its default from or how I can change the default ?