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    How to set hostname using dynamic binding for FTP, AQ, SMTP adaptersin BPEL

      I am using Oracle BPEL and SOA 11g and my requirement is to send files and messages to different destinations ( hostname ) using dynamic JCA bindings. All hostname to be used other related information for destination is stored in database. My BPEL flow should retrieves the hostnames using one webservice and then set the hostname in FTP, AQ and SMTP adapters using dynamic JCA bindings.

      I came across http://rahullahiri.blogspot.in/2011/09/configuring-ftp-adapters-in-oracle-soa.html and http://www.soabyte.com/2010/11/jca-dynamic-partnerlinks-in-soa-11g.html but unsure if we can dynamically set the hostname also for the adapters mentioned in the BPEL flow.

      Can you please advice how it can be achieved in BPEL and what is the best way?

      Thanks for help in advance.