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    UPK 361 - Error when exporting to .odarc file

      In order to generate a new backup of my complete training material, I select Tools->Export->Documents->Export my selection and related documents and a FilenName is given,
      as I normally do. During the last 2 days, as soon as this process starts a small window is displayed showing the progress, as soon as 50% is reached the window dissapears and no message is displayed.

      Do you have any clue regarding this problem? Is there any activity log I can see?

      Thank you in advanced! //

      Note: I treid already to optimize the RAM memory but it did´nt work at all.
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          Was the odarc file created in the location you defined? This actually sounds like a successful export (there is no 'export successful' message at the end of this process) just that the progress bar doesn't necessarily move smoothly from 0 to 100%. You can also look for the Export Activity Log.xml file (by default in the \My Documents\User Produtivity Kit\Logs folder). Look for anything in a <Message> tag other than "Export successful."