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    Multiple Apex Listeners on one server trouble with apex-config.xml

      I'm using 0C4J to deploy apex on a windows server. I want to be able to have multiple instances of OC4J running pointing to different databases. I've read through documentation and forum posts and this looks simple enough.

      I've got one instance running at E:\OC4J and working fine. I've to added a second OC4J instance at E:\OC4J2. I've rebuilt and redeployed the apex.war file after editing web.xml to specify a new location for apex-config.xml. I'm trying to specify the config directory as E:\OC4J2\config but can't seem to get the syntax right, because it keeps picking up the default file the first OC4J instance is using.


      I've tried multiple versions of the path E:\oc4j2\config, E:/oc4j2/config, /oc4j2/config, \oc4j2\config but none seem to work.

      Could anybody confirm the proper syntax for specifying the path to apex-config.xml in web.xml on a windows server?

      Thanks in advance