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    Metadata load into HFM from Peoplesoft using ERPI

      Hi All,

      Erpi version -,Peoplesoft 9.1 and ODI version -

      We pulled the metadata(account hierarchy) from source(Peoplesoft) and loaded into HFM target using ERP integrator. when loaded the metadata, ERPI pulls only few properties from source and loaded into HFM.

      My question is can't the ERPI pull all metadata properties from Peoplesoft required by HFM..? I raised a SR on this but they are saying only few properties can be pulled and all other properties are to be handled manually.. Is there any other way in ERPI or ODI to set all required properties and load into HFM..? Can anyone pls explain the capability of this ERP Integrator in Pulling metadata heirarchy and its properties..?