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    Load Balancing Forms Services with an effective healthcheck

      I am in the process of configuring two forms 11.1.2 servers running with weblogic 10.3.5 with multiple forms applications clustered across both physical servers. We are looking to load balance to the various forms applications using a hardware load balancer. Can anyone comment on their experience with setting up effective application healthchecks using either hardware or software load balancers?

      For example say that we have 3 applications clustered across 2 servers with the following




      We would need a checking mechanism on the load balancer that could tell if myapp2 was down on say server01 and therefore block traffic to that application yet keep traffic open for the other 2 apps on the same server.

      A specific difficulty with forms is that when the database behind the application is down forms services will return an error message within a displayed error form. From the load balancer's point of view the forms services are "up". We need to find a way of detecting that the application is actually available and not just that the forms services themselves are available. To detect that the forms services are available we might normally use the status check:


      however this will only tell use the availability of the forms services on a physical server and not whether any actual applications are available.

      I am aware that f5 do a BIGIP offering that includes some Oracle Forms specific components. Can anyone comment on how they have setup Oracle Forms healthchecks using various load balancing methods. In particular if a load balancer is limited to using WGET commands to check HTTP returned content is there a way of checking a forms application's availability and if not how have other people achieved an effective healthcheck?

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