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    Action Listener Cpu Time

      I'm looking for a comparison of cpu time for different kinds of interface. The main ideas I have are:

      1. Have one event listener in the frame and check by x/y position which GUI object is interacted with via an if, else if structure.
      2. Have an event listener for every GUI object.
      3. Have one motion listener in the frame.

      I know that motion listeners are the most cpu consuming, by how much? Between 1 & 2 what would the difference be with a few objects, with many objects?
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          CPU consumption does not rely on which listeners you use or on how many objects, it depends on what the listeners actually DO. If you have a listener that does nothing more than output some data to a text field, it is not going to use much. If you create a listener that recalculates the entire lighting model of a 3D scene each time it fires, it is not going to do so well.