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    Netbeans Report creation...

      hi ,

      I am creating a desktop application for database management , and using oracle 10g as my back end. Now i need to generate reports on button press after specifying the necessary details. I used the ireports and able to generate reports too, but i dont knw how to bring that into a java frame and do the coding and generate reports dynamically on button click.

      Can you kindly help me with this.
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          Generate your report data to a table, then just populate a form with your results.
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            I appreciate you for the response
            no , i dont want to do that because i need to take a print of that report in a later stage so....i need to create a report in the other way itself......
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              You cannot read from a table to make your life a little easier?

              OK, here is how it's done:

              1 - make the PL/SQL query you need to create your recordset, yes, as ugly and complicated as it needs to be to supply you with all of the data you you will need in your report.
              2 - make a form that you want that gives you the layout for the report you need.
              3 - poplulate the form from your recordset preduced by the query in step #1.
              4 - print the populated form.