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    Unable to run Active Directory User Trusted Delete Recon Job

      Hello all, and thanks for any assistance given.

      I'm rather new to the Oracle family of products so have some patience.
      I have an installation with OIM running against a MS AD as an trusted source.
      I am able to do Active Directory User Trusted Recon jobs no problem, and am getting users and updates on those users via that job.
      However, when I delete a user in AD, then attempt to run the Active Directory User Trusted Delete Recon job to catch those changes, I receive the following error:
      Failed: oracle.iam.connectors.icfcommon.exceptions.IntegrationException: The value for a key [Sync token] is not defined in the provided map.

      According to the documentation I've been using (The Oracle documentation right off the site) I should leave the Sync Token field empty to do a full reconciliation.

      This has left me rather confused, as it seems I cannot run that job without it. So, any assistance you can provide would be most wonderful.