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currency rate vs custom 3 and custom 4

Ramith Newbie
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Hi all

I have used all currencies in custom 1 and required currency in custom 2 for entering currency rates. Now for custom 3 and custom 4, Do these have to be [None] only( and that too as base members? ??

A wild example i came up with

Assume I have two times in custom is 11:00 AM and other is 11:00 PM and custom 4 are the dates..i.e 1st 2nd 3rd and so on till 31st.
I need currency rates at these two times daily and I have these in custom 3 and 4 dimensions say. So how do i go about entering currency rates?

Question 2)

If I need to enter data at custom dimension level, does the member necessarily have to be under [None] ? If not then how do i go about? Since when I take the member out of [None] and keep it at a sibling level of [None] , I cannot enter data at that member but If I keep the same as a child of [None], It will allow me to enter data. So how do i go about this?

Question 3)

This is basically a combination of Q1 and Q2..If I have a member under [None] in custom 3 dimension, I cannot use custom 3 as [None] while entering Currency rates since [None] becomes a parent. If I keep the member as a sibling of [None] in custom 3 dimension, then I cannot enter data at that member, but I can enter currency rate at [None].

Please help me resolve these 3 problems.

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    i think you are trying to do things not supported by HFM.

    you are correct, when entering currency rate data in HFM, both custom3 and custom4 must be set to [None] member.
    these are the types of custom rate that are used by the "Translation" feature in HFM and Sub Translate()

    i do not know how you could have different currency rates in the same rate accounts for different times of day. I do not think HFM is normally used in this way. You would probably need to use Multiple different rate accounts for the different times of day, and then write complicated rules in the Sub Translate() to use the different rate accounts depending on the target cell POV.

    I suggest you reach out to someone who has experience in designing HFM applications to see if there is any way to achieve your goals using HFM.
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    Ramith Newbie
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    Thanks for the reply. Yup, I think custom 3 and 4 are necessarily [None] while entering currency rate information.


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