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    Cannot open any library documents with MS Office

      I recently starting using Beehive. I am a user, not an administrator. I uploaded a bunch of documents to a new workspace I just created. Now I want to open them for viewing and editing. When I try to open any MS Office document (Word, Powerpoint, Excel), I get a message "Access to this web server is disabled by default because it is controlled by basic authentication and does not use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Do you want to search the Microsoft Online Support Center to view possible solutions?". I click on "No", and then nothing happens. The applicaiton is open, but no file is never displayed.

      I have had this message before when opening documents from MS Project Server 2010 library, and always click "No" and then the document opens regardless. It also prompts me for the username and password for the Windows Server where MS Project Server 2010 is installed. I am not being prompted for that when I launch the document from Beehive. However, the MS Project Server 2010 server is located on our side of the firewall. This Beehive server is a shared government server located outside our dept firewall. BTW, I have no issues opening PDF files.

      A workaround is to drag and drop the document onto my desktop and then open it. Not very efficient, but it works. I have tried adding the website as a "trusted locations" but can't add the URL. Is this a function of MS Office, a function of our Webwasher, or is it something that must be done on Beehive?

      Thought this might be a useful way to do team collaboration across several government depts, but won't do me any good if I can't open and edit the documents I store on there.

      Trish :)

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