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    Sun Netra 240 runs max level POST every power up

      Hello, I have a Sun Netra 240 server box that on every power up runs the max level POST which takes a good 5 minutes to complete. I have the power key switch set to the normal position and not DIAG mode and I have the Diag-level set to "off" for the system configuration settings. Nothing gets reported as an error during the POST but it still continues to run full POST on every power cycle. Can anyone tell me what else to check or look at to make it stop? Thanks in advance.
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          Hi, please let us know the output from 'printenv'. Regards. </SQ>
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            I have no way to get a copy of this from the screen so I had to write it all down and hand jam it in. I only put my values, not the default values. These have not been changed though so I don't think it is any of these settings. Just for some background this server has been fine for the past year or so and then one day it just started doing this out of the blue.

            test-args -
            diag-passes 1
            asr-policy normal
            local-mac-address? true
            fcode-debug false
            silent-mode? false
            scsi-initiator-id 7
            oem-logo -
            oem-logo? false
            oem-banner -
            oem-banner? false
            ansi-terminal true
            screen-#col 80
            screen-#row 34
            ttyb-rts-dtr-off false
            ttyb-ignore-cd true
            ttya-rts-dtr-off false
            ttya-ignore-cd true
            ttyb mode 9600,8,n,1,-
            ttya mode 9600,8,n,1,-
            output-device screen
            input-device keyboard
            auto-boot-on-error false
            load base 16384
            auto-boot? true
            boot-command boot
            diag-device disk
            use-NVRAMRC true
            security mode command
            NVRAMRC devalias radbkup
            security-#bad-logins 2
            post-trigger power-on-reset
            diag-script none
            diag-level off
            diag-switch false
            obdiag-trigger power-on-reset
            error-reset-recovery boot

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