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    Terminal Profile length

      Dear all

      According to GSM 43.019, the sim.toolkit MEProfile class offers to possibility to copy the handset profile into a buffer:

      public static short copy(short startOffset, byte[] dstBuffer, short dstOffset, short dstLength)

      And based on the API, the list of facilities contains 134 items.

      I've had a look on https://terminal-profile.osmocom.org/ and it seems like the length can vary a lot depending on the handset. They get the profile by using a spy tool (which sits between SIM and ME). I would like to retrieve the profile by using an STK Applet (copy-method).

      The question is: How can I find out the length of the handset profile, so what should be the size of "dstLength" ?
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          Dear oyfen,

          Unfortunately, you can not get the Terminal Profile length send by ME/terminal from the API.
          However, you can set dstLength as fixed 19 bytes (see 3GPP TS 11.14 chapter 5.2), and then calculate the length as the last non-zero bytes.
          If you get exception when using 19 (most likely because MEProfile buffer size is smaller), set it to lower until there is no exception.
          Hope that helps!

          Best regards,
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            Dear All,

            What if we need to send the send complete Terminal Profile (TP) data.

            Lets say, TP is FF 00 FF 00 FF 00 00, as per the suggestion, we can only send FF 00 FF 00 FF.

            If customer requirement is to send complete data, how could we do that?

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              Dear user 61719,

              TP: FF 00 FF 00 FF 00 00 and TP: FF 00 FF 00 FF both have the same meaning (non-existent byte equals zeroes bit = facilities not supported by ME)
              You shall discuss the requirement with the customer and choose between fixed length or consecutive non-zeroes.