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    APEX Listener breaks Page Sentry function


      i am running APEX version and recently changed from the Apache + mod_plsql to APEX Listener version running on a Websphere 8.5 J2EE Application Server.
      Everything runs fine expect for the Single Sign On with my company plattform. The company plattform is the host portal (runing on J2EE technology) witch manages sessions. Some of the services the user can access are APEX based. The access to these services is seamless via SSO.

      This process works as following:

      - The user logs into the portal and gets a session
      - The user wants to access an APEX service
      - The portal communicates with the database APEX is running on to request an APEX sesssion id
      - If APEX knows the user it generates a session id, save it in a custom session table and returns the id to the portal
      - The portal generates an URL to the APEX application, appends the session id and returns it to the brower of the user
      - The browser redirects to the url
      - APEX fires the Page Sentry function, reads the session id, compares it to the one in the table and if they match, let the user pass

      The last step causes the problem.
      In the function which is fired by the Page Sentry mechanic, i access apex_custom_auth.get_session_id to get the session id. Running APEX under Apache and mod_plsql i get the session id. But running it under the APEX Listener, the value is null.

      Is there any way to enable the APEX Listener to return the session id? Or is there another method to get the session id from?