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    Requirement of digital certificate for signing midlet is biggest hurdle

      I am using java since JDK 1.1 Few days before I purchased one cheap chinese Java enabled mobile for mere US $ 33. I started learning midlets programing. After few small midlets I started to work on real geiger counter using mobile. There are already many android apps on internet which use mobiles camera for this purpose. When camera lens is covered with black tape light can not pass through. But if any radioactive sample is kept near camera, beta and gamma rays pass through and camera sensors give some reading. Although you can not see picture, from alpha, r, g. b values you can co-relate actual accumulated dose. My idea is to take atleast 4 snapshots per second and takr av, reading of 240 photos per minute to get correct reading.
      But this app needs permission to take snapshots and also I need write permissions, So, I have to sign this digitaly.
      I came to know that min. charges for digital certificate from Thwate is US $ 129/- per annum and that of veisign is US $ 331 per annum.
      My phone do not have any facility to add other root C.A, certificates. Other GoDaddy is giving certificates for US $ 19 only per annum.
      Instead of sending so much, Iit's better to get Android mobile which I can get around US $ 90/- (MicroMax A 50) I have make it sure that android apps can be self signed.
      But before leaving J2ME for this reason, I would like to know if there is ny way to run self signed apps.
      I think all the J2ME developers must pressurised Oracle for coming out with Java V.M. which will allow self signed midlets. ( Any way app is asking permission to the user ).