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    Beehive post-Installation problem

      Hi, I'm istalling Oracle Beehive in a Oracle Linux 5.

      First I installed Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production, then guided by I installed Oracle Beehive, I followed the post-installation procedures http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E16671_01/bh.200/e16641/what_you_need_to_know.htm#BIJGGFJH, in the first step (Oracle Beehive Database Post-Installation Procedures - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E16671_01/bh.200/e16641/db_post.htm#BHAJIEID) I make correctly (at least) the first two steps, in the third one no error show but if I check configuration with the “list_bootstrap_configuration” command what I see is that the desired password is in the schema name field.

      After this, I can only use some of the commands, for example with activate_configuration or list_ports I receive:

      beectl: command failed. See the log file "/u01/app/beehive/product/" for more details.

      Log says:

      2012-06-15T15:27:30.528+03:00] [beehive] [WARNING] [] [commandline.OcsCtlException] [host: sergio.signum.com.tr] [nwaddr:] [tid: 10] [userId: oracle] [ecid:,0] new-beectl-exception-instantiated-logging-automatically : (no-message-to-log)[[
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.framework.ConfigurationManagerInitializer.initConfigManager(ConfigurationManagerInitializer.java:161)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.framework.ConfigurationManagerInitializer.initialize(ConfigurationManagerInitializer.java:138)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.framework.OcsCtlApplicationScope.initConfigurationManager(OcsCtlApplicationScope.java:448)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.framework.OcsCtlSession.initConfigurationManager(OcsCtlSession.java:498)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.sysmodel.ConfigurationManagerHelper.<init>(ConfigurationManagerHelper.java:101)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.sysmodel.ConfigurationManagerHelper.getInstance(ConfigurationManagerHelper.java:108)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.CommandEnv.getConfiguration(CommandEnv.java:570)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.framework.infracmds.ModifyBsp.execute(ModifyBsp.java:345)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.framework.LocalCommandExecutionEnv.execute(LocalCommandExecutionEnv.java:90)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.framework.ModeHandler.executeCommand(ModeHandler.java:525)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.framework.ShellModeHandler.executeCommandLocally(ShellModeHandler.java:205)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.framework.ShellModeHandler.access$300(ShellModeHandler.java:71)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.framework.ShellModeHandler$ProcessLine.processLine(ShellModeHandler.java:279)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.framework.ShellModeHandler$ProcessLine.access$100(ShellModeHandler.java:208)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.framework.ShellModeHandler.processCmd(ShellModeHandler.java:159)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.framework.OcsCtl.main(OcsCtl.java:174)
      Caused by: oracle.ocs.core.store.exceptions.DataStoreProviderException: Unable to get Config DataSource
      at oracle.ocs.framework.store.DataStoreAccessLocalFactory.getConfigDataSource(DataStoreAccessLocalFactory.java:564)
      at oracle.ocs.commandline.framework.ConfigurationManagerInitializer.initConfigManager(ConfigurationManagerInitializer.java:159)
      ... 15 more
      Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: MalConfiguration Exception.
      at oracle.ocs.framework.store.OcsNonJndiBootstrapDataSource.<init>(OcsNonJndiBootstrapDataSource.java:137)
      at oracle.ocs.framework.store.DataStoreAccessLocalFactory.getConfigDataSource(DataStoreAccessLocalFactory.java:561)
      ... 16 more
      Caused by: oracle.ocs.core.store.exceptions.MalConfiguredDataStoreException: Unsupported Connect String: beehiveConn
      at oracle.ocs.core.store.DbUtil.getServiceNameFromConnectString(DbUtil.java:479)
      at oracle.ocs.framework.store.OcsNonJndiBootstrapDataSource.<init>(OcsNonJndiBootstrapDataSource.java:135)
      ... 17 more


      Even if I try to clear the data given in previous steps with “clear_proposed_configuration” command I received the error.

      I checked and there are 6 patches, but it seems none of them fix the problem, althought I couldn’t find from where to download. Also In the contents of the installation of Beehive, one point (out of the installation against database) it’s about installing Oracle Beekeaper, maybe that will help, but as far as I know it’s only a UI for Beehive.

      (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E16671_01/bh.200/e16649/beectl.htm#list_bootstrap_configuration here is the documentation about beectl)

      Maybe the problem is that I'm installing in a 64 bits and documentation of Beehive says that only 32 bits is supported, but I needed to try because our client machine is a 64bit Linux .. any other suggestion?
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          Looking further I think the problem could be the connection to the schema, obviously I did something wrong in that point. I remember to write the schema password, but I don't know the name of the schema .. does Beehive create a schema by default or should I create in my Oracle Database instance?
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            No need to install the schemas on your own, the install scripts do all that for you.

            More important you need to meticulously honour the installation requirements (including matching beehive version with supported DB release and patch level), and the installation needs to run without errors.

            Refer to Oracle Beehive Release 2 Master Note [ID 1058232.1]     for more details.

            Regards, Thomas
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              Thanks Thomas, but finally my manager and I decide to create another instance and delete this one.

              Now our problem is that from Behive Central home we can't access Team Collaboration enviroment, we get an 404 error trying to access https://sergio.signum.com.tr:4443/teamcollab

              With beectl we start all the services (beectl start --all) .. is there anything else we need to do for access Team Collaboration and Instant Messaging tools?

              Thanks in advance
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                Are other URLs working (like /zimbra oder /bcentral)?

                I see that you use HTTPS. Have you completed the post installation procedures required for SSL?

                HTH, Thomas
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                  bcentral links is working, I didn't configure Zimbra while we don't need it.

                  I'm trying to enable SSL but in owm tool when i try to open the wallet it ask me for the password of default wallet, but "welcome" doesn't work and I didn't change it.

                  By the way, the only thing that we are interested in is in Instant Messaging, I thought we need SSL and that's why I'm configuring it .. do I need it? Do I need something else? I'm completely lost with Oracle Beehive.

                  Thanks in advance again
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                    Beehive only for Instant Messaging?

                    Sorry, but I would say that the considerable effort required to properly set up, run and maintain beehive (together with the Oracle DB required for beehive), being an all-in-one enterprise size collaboration tool, does not match that.

                    Regarding the wallet: in the postinstall procedure you are required to create you own wallet ...

                    "$ORACLE_HOME/bin/orapki wallet create ..."

                    ... and you specify your own password with the orapki command.

                    You possibly have an empty wallet password?

                    Regards, Thomas
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                      So which other tool instead of Beehive can you recommend me?

                      We wanted to add Instant Message to an Oracle WebCenter Portal application, we need a chatbox and we thought about integrating Oracle Beehive for that purpose.
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                        As we do have beehive, and instant messaging is working fine, I cannot recommend an alternative.

                        Instead, I would still recommend beehive, but use the various other modules, too.

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                          Ok, so back with Beehive .. I didn't change the password of the wallet I did this following the guide (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E16671_01/bh.200/e16641/wallet.htm#GFEBHJAA):

                          Enable auto login mode for the default wallet with the following command. The default password for the default wallet is welcome*:

                          <Oracle home>/bin/orapki wallet create
                          -wallet <Oracle home>/Apache/Apache/conf/ssl.wlt/default/
                          -auto_login -pwd welcome+

                          Run the following beectl command:

                          beectl modify_property
                          --component beehive_instance_<instance>.<host name>
                          --name WalletDir
                          --value <Oracle home>/Apache/Apache/conf/ssl.wlt/default

                          Activate the configuration and restart by running the following beectl command:

                          beectl activate_configuration


                          So i don't see where I change or assign any password different of "welcome".
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                            I found the problem about password, the %ORACLE_HOME was pointing to oracle database home, and not to oracle beehive home. I will keep configuring this.

                            But anyway, to do what I want is it necessary all this configuration? or is it enough installing only Beehive? We tried to connect our jDeveloper for using an IM connection, but we couldn't make it .. we tried to find more information about what is needed to use IM (which configurations, services ..) and we didn't find anything. Is it part of Team Collaboration? Or is it part of Conferencing?

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                              for Instant Messaging, I believe you need to review Chapter 25 (Configuring XMPP) of the Installation Guide.

                              At least you need to do a

                              beectl modify_property --component _XmppService name DomainNames value <domain>
                              beectl activate_configuration
                              beectl restart --component BEEAPP_<instance>.<host>

                              For any user partaking in IM, you need to define an IM Address, as this is needed to provision the user to the XMPP Service.

                              If you master your user in an external directory, you can map existing mail addresses to also be used as IM Address, e.g.


                              HTH, Thomas
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                                I did all the configuration of XMPP (chapter 24 not 25), but now .. do I have to do something else? or just create some users?

                                Thanks for all your patient with this newbie here
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                                  is "beectl status --detail" reporting XmppServiceInstance as running? Then I would guess that you could begin creating users and start testing. XMPP is part of the BEEAPP container, so will find logs written to $ORACLE_HOME/beehive/logs/oc4j/BEEAPP/log.txt
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                                    Yes, it's up and running. I've created 2 users, but how can I test all of this? I mean, i know I can use external clients like Pidgin or Oracle Manager, but is there a way of testing it with a UI? for example from Beehive Central ...
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