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    OracleApps HRMS-R12.1.3 Integration with MS Active Directory (win 2008 R2)

      Dear Friends,

      we are using Oracle Apps R12.1.3 and the Microsoft Active Directory : Windows 2008 R2

      we have the following requirement:

      (1)From Oracle Apps to Active Directory.

      -Employee master information needs to be interfaced to Active Directory on a regular interval which should be updated in the active directory.

      (2)From Active Directory to Oracle system.

      -Whenever new email address for an employee is created in Active directory, the information needs to flow to Oracle HRMS.

      Please let us know the method to achieve with minimal latest oracle softwares?

      can it be done over coding from oracle apps without new softwares?

      Is Oracle Apps R12.1.3 certified with Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory?