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    Oracle Fusion vs TIBCO


      In my system, components (Oracle Products only) are inter-connected to each other through TIBCO middleware. As there is only Oracle components in system, I am curious to know, is there any benefit of using Oracle Fusion replacing TIBCO? Can someone compare the benefits who have worked on both of them.

      Note: I am having a very basic knowledge of middlewares, started reading about it, but want to be aware on the above.

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          Hi Manu,

          As for every vendor integrating with their own products will be easier than integrating with external applications. The vendor can also provide better support if their products are used from end-to-end.

          The Oracle SOA Suite 11g version is within Oracle the recommended middleware product used to interact between their own products. e.g Siebel vs Oracle Portal, Ebusiness suite etc. This has been expanded by the introduction of AIA in where Oracle has developed out of the box integration processes (PIPs) to connect between some of their products. This means there is a lot of knowledge to be confident about a working approach.

          TIBCO would obviously work to integrate with the different Oracle products as most products have APIs that are SOA aware. However this is less transparent and from a support point of view there are fewer advantages.

          Please see some discussion around this topic: