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    DRM External connection

      how can i connect DRM to essbase , planning or informatica ?.

      I went into New External connect and i can see three type of connect (FTP,server file and Database Table)

      when i select server file type then it ask for UNC path . no idea what to put can any one help me with it

      when i select Database Table type then it ask for connection stirng . can any one share the connection string format . i tried below stiring and it didnt work

      Data Source=<severname>[:Port][servicename].

      Any information on this will really be helpful

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          Go to Administrator option in the tool and create a new external connection. In the UNC path, provide the location of the directory iwhere you want to save the export . Ensure the directory exists.
          Example -
          External Connection Name - Exports
          UNC Path - c:\drm\exports

          In the export screen Once the connection is created, you can refer to the location by the external connection name. Hope this helps.

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