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    Mount remote windows cdrom

      Hi Experts,

      Can we connect remote windows machine cdrom from solaris 10 x86 machine?

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          What kind of hardware? If it's an HP server you could use the iLO interface to mount it. Or Dell's DRAC interface.

          Outside of a remote console, I believe NFS is your only option
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            Hi Bob,

            Thanks for the response,
            I want to write a data cd from my laptop drive(Dell Latitude E5520, win7 OS), data files are stored in remote server (SUN FIRE X4170, Solaris 10 10/09 s10x_u8wos_08a X86), please assist me. How to mount my laptop cd drive to remote solaris server to write the CD ?

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              More stable and easy ways:

              Use mkisofs for create local iso-image on x4170.
              After this transfer this image on local PC and burn it on CD.

              Or transfre requred files on local PC and write it on CD.

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                Hi Nik,

                Thanks for the reply,

                Both options are helped me, can we directly write the CD in my laptop from the remote machine, instead of downloading from remote machine to local machine and write?

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                  Pascal Kreyer-Oracle
                  This is impossible. The files should be available locally or on a remote shared mount point.

                  To mount UNIX mount point on your Windows machine, you have two solutions. The first one is to export the UNIX directory through NFS and then mount it on Windows if this Microsoft OS can support NFS mount points. The second solution is to use Samba to export the same UNIX directory but with SMB protocol and then mount it in your machine.