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    hi guys ... i got doubt in starting web apps

      hi guys ,

      I am actually learning core java since 3 months , by god grace i got job in sql server as fresher, here they are giving training for sql server related to dotnet platform(not programming with c# or Visual basic) so it is kind of training fully on sql server , but i love java and i wanted to learn java practically by doing small projects on my own , but i don't know where to learn to do small web application project s or os application , i also tried downloading some web application project from net but i could not able to deploy it or to run that application to see the result , i means i don't know how to combine all the codes to make it work in real time , some project s are coming with eclipse project file some are coming with folder containing hierarchy of folder which has more codes :(

      so can any one suggest me some good books or links for learning how to do a small web application project or os applciation , which explains all the details about deployment , linking app server and web server ext ext ext . thanks in advance
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          Java web is not easy to pick up and is near impossible if you don't know basic Java. The first thing you should be concentrating on is core java, or "JavaSE". Learn the language, learn the tools, learn the concepts behind object oriented programming, learn the important parts of the API (collections, dates, threading and concurrency, IO, files, etc. etc.). You can try by going through the Java tutorial, but likely you are better off going on Amazon and checking some user reviews to pick out a good book for yourself.


          To cure your need to skip ahead and jump into web dev anyway, I suggest you try to read this and see how much of that you can actually understand:


          That's the basics of the basics of Java web dev.
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            Hi bro , thanks a lot for your wonderful help .

            Actually i know OOPs concepts and basic s of java , but of course i still need more practice on core java for becoming strong enough in core java , but theory wise i know all the concepts . so i thought i just want to learn what j2ee and web app's is , and how it is actually working and how the developers are deploying the java (jar) files and linking all the modules and the code together in web server and app server ext ..to produce a wed application in live .

            So that i will learn it and i will try those steps logically with some open source project available in http://sourceforge.net/ and i will learn things from it ...... so please give a good guide or some books or a site which will help me learning these things ... thanks in advance :)
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              hi bro ,

              I think this link http://pdf.coreservlets.com/ is more than enough for me for learning web application . Thanks a lot . please don't close this thread , i will post my doubt in future if i have . thanks a lot :)
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                You're welcome. I do advise to read and understand at least the Servlets part of that book as that is information you'll find useful even today; you can also go ahead and learn JSPs + JSTL just to know where it all began but do realize that it is quite outdated technology and there are better alternatives available nowadays. But for learning the basics and getting a grip on how server side and client side processing works, its still the easiest way to go IMO.
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                  Here are some suggestions to get you started:
                  * Download SQL Server Express and learn to use its utility tool to create a few tables (since your using SQL Server at work, I think its better to use this than MySql, etc).
                  * Download Eclipse IDE.
                  * Read up on JDBC/SQL and get a simple program to read/write to the SQL Server database (using a connection pool, with good try/catch/finally block to properly close connections).
                  * Read up on JSP and create a HelloWorld JSP page in Eclipse.
                  * Read on on Servlets and create a HelloWorld servlet in Eclipse.
                  * Create a simple web application in Eclipse to read/write to the database from the JSP page, using MVC principles, and a single servlet as a central controller.
                  * Refactor all of the above over and over again to improve it.

                  Professional web applications use more advanced frameworks, but I believe you should learn the above as a foundation.

                  As for learning .NET, I suggest you read a book on ASP.NET rather than just look at some code examples on the internet. The book will be more comprehensive.
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                    There are many tools & frameworks available for servlets/Web apps, but of all I've tried, I find Jetty to be one of the most useful. It makes debugging server code a breeze. None of that nasty start-stop-upload-restart nonsense for testing small changes.