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    Using tnsnames.ora with OCI

      Hi all,

      First, a disclaimer: I am completely new to anything with Oracle or OCI, so if my questions sounds stupid feel free to tell me so but point me in the right direction. Thanks!

      Also, basic information:

      Language: C
      OCI: 11g

      I am trying to write a client that connects to an Oracle database and gets some information (obviously). On the OCILogon() step, I need the username, password, and db address. However, our client said there will be a tnsnames.ora file, and that should be enough.
      I've searched online and I have not been able to find anything that relates OCILogon() to tnsnames.ora, so here are my questions:

      1) Can OCILogon() use tnsnames.ora at all?
      2) Is there any other function that I should use instead?