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    Ability to preview SOD conflicts when adding responsibility in EBS?

      We are currently in the process of implementing EGRCC as part of our upgrade to R12, we previously had LogicalApps/Active Governance and Oracle 11i. We are testing the seeded form rule in PCG which automatically end dates a user responsbility when added and initiates a conflict analysis based on the access controls that we have set up in AACG. In our old system with LogicalApps/ActiveGovernance, when the System Administrator added a new responsibility and clicked on the "Initiate Conflict Analysis" button, a form would pop up showing which any SOD conflicts that the responsibility assignment would create, and then the System Administrator had the option to Submit or Cancel. Now, with PCG/AACG, when we click on the Initiate Conflict Analysis button when removing the end date from a responsibility, there is no form to preview the conflicts and the analysis is submitted directly to AACG. The "preview" screen was a functionality that was very helpful because the System Administrator could see conflicts before submitting the analysis, and sometimes identified instances where they added the wrong responsibility. Are we missing this functionality because of a configuration issue on our end, or is this just not available any more with the new software?

      Also, with Logical Apps, our SOD approvals went through the normal Oracle workflow and could approve the conflict in the body of the notification email. Now with GRC/AACG, it appears the SOD approvers must login to GRC in order to approve SOD conflicts. Is there any way with in GRC/AACG to allow for the approval of SOD conflicts through email, or is logging into GRC (AACG) required?

      We are running GRC version and PCG 7.3.2.

      Thank you in advance!