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    database export

      if i export the database for backup it saves the .dmp file on default location in "C:\Documents and Settings\user". if i want to change that location how to change that?
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          kuljeet singh -
          if using exp give full path in FILE parameter
          incase of expdp create directory with full path where you want to store dmp.
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            im using exp. how to give parameters
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              Mahir M. Quluzade
              If your dmp file in C:\Documents and Settings\user\TEST.dmp
              You can copy to D:\DUMPS\TEST.dmp and use this file with IMP as
                imp user/password file='D:\DUMPS\TEST.DMP' 
              Mahir M. Quluzade
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                do we have an option like some software which automatically(makes backup after a specified period like after every hour) makes backup of the whole database as .dmp and saves it to specified location?????
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                  1) Although a dump file is a logical backup, I sincerely hope you are not using it as your primary method of backing up a database. You need physical backups (RMAN or user-managed). Logical backups can compliment but not replace physical backups.

                  2) You could certainly schedule the export utility to run regularly and to write files to whatever location you desire. It would be exceedingly unusual to want a full database export every hour however. That generally implies that you're doing something wrong.

                  3) This doesn't appear to relate to database security. It would probably be more appropriate in the Export/Import/SQL Loader and External Tables forum or even in the Database - General forum.


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