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    how to check list of available nic card details in solaris 9?


      My requirement is to collect the list of all available nic (network interface) cards on many servers, mostly solaris 8 and 9 servers,
      I understand, I can run a script as "cat /etc/path_to_inst | grep -i network"

      but as example shown below,

      # cat /etc/path_to_inst | grep network --> As per /etc/path_to_inst it's only one nic card available
      "/pci@1f,4000/network@1,1" 0 "hme"

      But, I see, qfe0 is also configured in ifconfig -a o/p

      grep qfe in /etc/path_to_inst, I see many network interfaces available :(

      # cat /etc/path_to_inst | grep qfe
      "/pci@1f,4000/pci@5/SUNW,qfe@1,1" 1 "qfe"
      "/pci@1f,4000/pci@5/SUNW,qfe@0,1" 0 "qfe"
      "/pci@1f,4000/pci@5/SUNW,qfe@3,1" 3 "qfe"
      "/pci@1f,4000/pci@5/SUNW,qfe@2,1" 2 "qfe"

      So, my queries is

      1) How to find all available nic card in solaris in 9? irrespective of hme (or) qfe
      2) Why qfe device drivers are not listed as "network" in /etc/path_to_inst?