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    Where to place CDATA?

      "SELECT xmltype(RCATT).extract('/JASON/RCA/SUB_PROBLEM_TYPE').getStringVal() as SPT,
      xmltype(RCATT).extract('/JASON/RCA/SUB_ROOT_CAUSE').getStringVal() as SRC,
      xmltype(RCATTT).extract('/JASON/RCA/ELABORATION').getStringVal() as ELA,
      xmltype(RCATT).extract('/JASON/RCA/PREVENTION').getStringVal() as PRE
      FROM table"                    

      some explanation:
      the above select statement is to select the child node inside the xml content.But the child note contains some special character "<>" that illegally in xml.

      For <FS_PLS_WAIT>, it is appeared in both valid and invalid password entered case but in requirement, only valid case has stated the display of <FS_PLS_WAIT>. This is the legacy radio behavior.

      The result will generate the following issue.

      ORA-31011: XML parsing failed ORA-19202: Error occurred in XML processing LPX-00225: end-element tag "ELABORATION" does not match start-element tag "FS_PLS_WAIT" Error at line 10 ORA-06512: at "SYS.XMLTYPE", line 301 ORA-06512: at line 1

      I wish to know where can i put CDATA in order to bypass the checking for the special character or any other solution?
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          Is this question still outstanding? I ask because you show CDATA usage in {thread:id=2404573}. If it is answered, please mark this thread as so.

          If still outstanding, please provide your version of Oracle
          select * from v$version;
          as there may be a better way to write the query but it depends upon your version.