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    XML function not getting compiled in Pro C


      I have written following statement in ProC

                EXEC SQL
                select extract(x.xml_data,'//ADDRESS/SERVERS/@REFSYSTEM').getStringVal(),
                INTO :h_refsystem,
      from xml_str_table x
      where key_no = 1234
      and x.xml_data.existsNode('//ADDRESS/SERVERS[@REFSYSTEM="ORACLE"]') = 1 ;

      and when compiled it give error " extract(x.xml_data,'//ADDRESS/SERVERS/@REFSYSTEM').getStringVal()
                                                        *. should be replaced with date, time etc*

      Above query is returning output when I run on Oracle, but same code is not getting compiled in Pro C. Can you please advise what should be done to resolve this issue?

      Thanks in advance,