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    recreate pool problem on a 7110 Sun Storage


      we have a Sun 7110 that runs mostly well, except when the iscsi volume fills up, the volume stop, and we have to drop it and recreate it. 3 weeks ago, to counter that, I switched on dedup and compression. No idea if it is a good or bad idea, but because we got lots of i/o hanging on the volume :
      - we tried to drop again the volume via the web interface.
      - after destroying it, impossible to recreate it, so we switch to the shell to see what's going on. In fact all space was filled up into the "zombie" share (pool-0/???/zombie). No idea what it is, because we never got snapshots. And the cpu was still in the roof like it was still compressing, deduplicating or what...
      - we decided to connect to destroy the whole pool (with difficulty), and the CPU stop working as crazy

      Now impossible to recreate it via the web interface.
      - i can create the pool with zpool and create volume with zfs but they don't show up in the interface
      - if we destroy again and try to create it in the web interface, we have of course no pool in the "Available pool", so I try to create it BUT i can't:
      Model     Sun Storage 7110
      Data Devices     -
      Log Devices     -
      Cache Devices     -

      as is there weren't any disks!
      I checked : the disks are ok from the OS point of view (/var/ak/logs/debug.sys doesn't complain for example, except for a spare disk that I labeled back)

      Any idea how to "reset" the storage pool?
      Do I must go through the "factory reset" (I'm not even sure it can help).
      Or should I forgot Sun/oracle appliance kit, and install freenas instead? :-)

      Any help will be appreciate (or similar concerns :-) )

      Nicolas Zin