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    How can I get participant name assigned to a process instance with SQL?

      I have follow that query from Oracle BPM troubleshooting for BPM version 5.7, also revised for 5.5, 6.0 and 10.3 (we are using albpm 6.0):

      Where to find Participants:
      +select *+
      from <Directory_Schema>.FUEGO_PARTICIPANT
      where FUEGO_ID = <Participant_Id: This value is used in the column PARTICIPANT from the table

      to execute this other, because I want to get all the participants who have assigned an instance:

      from ALBPM_DIR.FUEGO_PARTICIPANT where fuego_id  in
      +(select participant from ALBPM_ENGINE.pprocinstance where participant is not null);+

      That query produces an oracle error: ORA-01722: invalid number. I have observed that column types are different (fuego_id is nvarchar2 and participant is number).

      Also if I review the values from that colums they don't match, and I didn't see any vinculation between both columns. In FUEGO_PARTICIPANT.FUEGO_ID column I have the value I want to relationate with PPROCINSTANCE.PARTICIPANT, I think such a query could be a quickly method for administrators to know who owns the instance at the moment. So what's the problem? How can I get that information? I can't figure it how the relationships are.